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Well, finally on the other side of Ymir.

It didn't turn out the way planned, but the group that gathered under the name Camp ALAC had a wonderful time never the less.  no one bailed.  As a matter of fact we had a rip ROARing good time Friday night blowing off some serious steam from being snow bound for so long.

The benches were a hit...I love them so much.  See previous post for pictures.  The underdress and Viking Coat I completed were wonderful and comfortable.  Once again, there is nothing like wearing CLOTHING...not COSTUMES.  I love when my stuff turns out functional. 

Syr Christian's squiring of Vlad and Countess Aryanna's proteging of Mebd went swimmingly.  They really are wonderful people.  I wasn't able to see much of the heavy fighting because the fabulous Baroness Bess bailed me out in my time of need and switched shifts with me...actually I am not sure who I switched shifts with.  So I was retaining from 2-4:30, during which time I got to watch my beloved and long missed rapier.  I got to see some friends I had not seen in while including my wonderful Laurel and the Bobness. 

4:30, I ran back to the cabin to finsh hemming the viking tunic for Christian and get ready for court.  Managed to do a bit of knitting during court (for my 50's stash) and thoroughly enjoyed feast, although was so stuffed I could only cram a few of the Valentine's Day  sugar cookies I had done for the cabin, into my mouth before wimping out of dancing and bardic for the comfort of my VERY HIGH bunkbed.

Got an early start and packed up the car with my roadmates, and enjoyed a couple of stops on the way home for yummies and such.

My house is a disaster, but I am home and happy.  

Pictures to follow on this page as well as my projects page.
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