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Community Sewing Day - WIN!

So I let my mania take over a few months back and thought, wouldn't it be a great time to have the sewers of the community come together and gather in a day of sewing excellence.  This is a common idea, but one of the big problems

Well, in my mind it grew.  Hence Community Sewing Day was born.  My concept was "wouldn't it be great to have many sewers at different levels come together and benefit from extra hands, eyes, ears, and knowledge".  However, I wanted some larger.  Something where space wasn't an issue when you needed to spread out to be productive.  Originally I had introduced the idea just to the Barony, but since this was a new concept to take it to a larger group outside of someone's home, I wanted to take the risk on myself to see if it would be successful.

IT WAS!  I found a perfect hall for a first year run.  It was central to the state and the Barony, kitchen, parking, and tons of tables.  However, then I decided...wouldn't it be great to open it up to others as well.  So I engaged all the mediums of advertisement, Facebook, Emails, Livejournal, and Barony / Household email distributions to get the word out (see previous Livejournal listing for details).

I am so pleased with the outcome and feel like everyone really got something out of it.  We ended up with 26 members from 4 different Baronies and Households.  The hall allowed everyone to have their very own open workstation (brought their own tools), 3 ironing stations, a large cutting station, and a stage which allowed for assistance with hemming (thought the people who started doing it were quite clever).  We had beginner show up to just watch and learn more about what it takes to make a garment.   My fabulous Laurel, Mistress Isobel thought of the idea of bringing some patterns (not purchased ones) so people could expand their horizon (and wardrobe).  So I brought mine as well (again, not the purchased ones).  That turned out to be a great success and really had people engaged in future projects. 

We had 15th century beginners watching viking age experienced sewers...and then making an apron dress.  We had people who normally go early period not only asking questions about 16th century clothing and embrodiery, but then copying patterns (again, not purchased ones) to start widening their wardrobe. 

I was so happy to see people helping others...engaging, learning, assisting.

At one point, I looked up and was so pleased with the little workshop we had going I had to take pictures...They will be up tomorrow.

I provided a lunch and drinks, and lots of people brought some potluck to share. 

Again, I was so pleased that people were honestly productive, enthusiastic, and helpfulto their fellow garment makers.  The day started at 10am and lasted until 4pm...and let me tell you if I didn't have to pull the plug at 3:30, people would have been sewing well into the night. 

Thanks to everyone who helped me make my mania a reality and who supported my venture.  It was probably successful because it was right before Pennsic, but several individuals asked me when the next one was. 

So all in all, a definate WIN!
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