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For those linked to my La Roux Projects Livejournal, sorry about the duplicate post.

This weekend was the Lochmere Baronial Birthday and Investiture.  The theme was 15th century France.  In  response to the A&S challenge, I entered my 15th century gown and headdress and won third place.  Not going to put that one on display anymore.  The documentation is here within these walls.  However, in the novice compeititon/Baronesses choice, I tried my hand at period recipe mustards.  Had a great time with that and won that competition.   

So, in an effort to document what I am doing, here is the documentation for the display.  I got great feedback.  Thanks to everyone who put their tastebuds on the line to try them...

<iframe width=100% height=560px frameborder=0 src=></iframe>

Please provide me feedback or suggestions since I thinking on making this a class.  Livejounral is having insert issues with the link, but at least it's up for now...
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