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Yes...I have been absent

I have been absent from Livejournal. Between finishing up my January 3 week long audit I was leading, rehearsals for a show I am in, and projects for Ymir, et al....my minutes are consumed...and not to mention being a Mom. I am very careful to make sure I balance it out and that Mom time is MOM TIME....

But this weekend I was able to work at Gen and Alan's and with Alan's guidance, I was able to finish my benches...to be debuted at Ymir. We will have a dayshade out and I wanted extra seating. My table will be available for Sapphire.

It was a huge accomplishment for me, since I wanted my OWN furniture and it was very important that I do as much as possible by myself, which including 6 hours straight of hand sanding on Saturday.

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The poly was still drying so they are a bit more shiney then they will be, but I am thrilled.  Thanks to Alan and Gen for Alan's knowledge and the use of their garage and tools. 

Also doing my viking for Ymir...and putting together my display for Kingdom A&S which will be a sampling of my A&S 50 stash and my plan on moving forward.

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Goodness Goodness

So very busy...will post again after my head has come above water....

So busy....

Dug out....had a great time...have to be working from home this week since schools are out.

Very busy...
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Great weekend

Had a really good weekend. Busy, but good.

Friday night I spent alot of it on my back. Get your mind out of the gutter....my back seized up nicely Friday afternoon, so I took some muscle relaxers and stayed on a heating pad for a lot of it.

Saturday I did some mundane things in the morning, followed by rehearsal and a lovely evening at the Lochmere bardic Saturday night.

Sunday I was able to complete my Christmas shopping, and clean the house for a small girl time soiree. Ended up being even smaller then anticipated, but was a lovely time anyway with food, drinks and friends. How could you go wrong?

And now it's back to the grind stone. This is always a hard time fo the year to feel like I am getting anything done, because this is the last place I want to be.

But I am here...plugging along.

Hope all is well with all ya'll.
Happy Jen

OK, this was a little creepy

I go out to my car to drive Brandon to school this morning and find something very odd on my car. There is a business card for a local healthcare system company ... on it from someone I don't know with a hand written note saying "Dinner sometime - if available" with a smiley face.

My first reaction was that it was one of those advertisements that are getting more and more clever everyday...(personal looking letters that are actually an invitation to a new church around the corner or a realtor in the area trying to sell your house).

So I look around....no one else has them on their cars.

My next assumption was a joke...still possible, but far fetched.

Then I started thinking about it...and it creeps me out a bit for the following reason:
1) I live in a townhome at the end of the street that U shaped around. Every single person on my block is married with kids, older couples, or single women.
2) This person (if it wasn't a mistake) knows which car is mine and since I park RIGHT in front of my townhome, knows at least vaguely which one is mine.
3) Card had been then for at least a day and Saturday it snowed.

I am hoping it was just a weak attempt by a desperate man categorized as a 10 percenter...

Never the less, it definately gave me an ick vibe. I kept the card...if I become a lifetime movie, they will refer to that as evidence. :-)
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Lily Dress documentation

I finally have SOMETHING up about the 15th century Tournament of Lily gown, but honestly the documentation in it's entirety is better viewed here, so I figured I would cross post.


For more information on additional projects or more pictures take a look at <lj user="larouxprojects">

I am open to comments...

Thanks for taking a look.
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(no subject)

Had a wonderful couple of days off...Wonderful holiday! Wonderful Weekend.

Just can't say enough about either one.

Brandon is also getting into youth combat. I am excited, but I want to make sure it's something he is interested in, so let's hope for the best.

Still working on larouxprojects and trying to add more info. I have recently added a link to a Flicker page with a multitude of pictures. I was not feeling well last night, so I was unable to take detailed pictures of the dress, but the dress diary (with the exception of adding a few more pictures) is done! YEAH!!!! I will take some pictures tonight and get it posted. For those of you who would care to take a look.

Still trying to figure out the ins and outs, cause it's doing funky things like DELETING INFORMATION!!! which as you can imagine after the 3rd try was REAL FUN....NOT!

But I will figure it out.

Hope everyone's holidays were safe, fun and happy.
Happy Jen

Ok, kids, let's try this out

I am playing around with the concept of the LJ for a way to send my projects out to the world.

I put up recent class notes to use as a guinea pig. I am diggin on the google docs page, cause it allows me to give a sampling of my pictures...but a link for the full ball of wax, including bibliography and additional images.

Give people options, and I am all about options.

So, please check it out and give me your input....

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